G-Servicelift von goracon

Save time while climbing up for the servicing and repair in your wind turbine. With a G-servicelift you do the rise with 100 metres of distance at approx. 5 minutes.


G-platform GW-1410-3

The innovation, on this method, is that the construction of the tower of a wind turbine occurs from the inside. With the old method a scaffolding must be grown from the outside, piece by piece.


Der G-worklift von goracon

On account of facades, towers, chimneys or high masts, silos, power station kettles, bridges or wind turbines, you always go comfortably to your job, with tools and material. In optimum working position you remain fit and every handle sits.


Der G-climber eco von Goracon

With the G-Climber eco from goracon it is guaranteed that the time delay is minimised while climbing up and down in the tower of a wind turbine around a multiple one, at the service works.


G-trac / G-lock

G-trac G-lock

G-trac, is the drive technology für all kinds of high access technologys. Für the worldwide application develops. The most different norms in the different markets make many-sided demands.


Der G-liftup zur Gerüstlosen Aufzugsmontage

The traction sheave hoist G-trac admitted for the personal transport the costly to raise a scaffolding of a lift shaft with scaffoldings is to be eliminated suitably.


Die G-smartrac Serie (neue Auflösung)

Mobile engine through train with any vertical lift for adaptable and economic assembly applications. An easy use for sure work by big heights. Thanks to pendulum heave there are no more light runnings.