G-Servicelift von goracon


A strong system for the personal transport and material transport.

Save time when ascending to carry out maintenance and repair work to your turbine. With a G-servicelift you can complete a 100 meters ascent in approx. 5 minutes. Without a G-servicelift on the other hand, the arduous climb requires very much more time and demands a lot of strength.

But this is not the only argument which clearly speaks for itself. Heavy tools and loads up to 400 kg can be…

G-platform GW-1410-3


Individual work platforms for the tower construction of wind turbines.

The assembly platforms by goracon were specially developed for the assembly of concrete towers for wind energy plants.

In this case, the innovation lies in that the concrete towers are built from the inside. in the traditional assembly the concrete tower is scaffolded from outside and then refi tted part by part. Not only is this extremely time-consuming during the assembly, but also the set-up of these scaffolds binds precious time resources and tower crane capacities.

During the assembly of concrete segments with the G-platform , the platform is connected inside the fi rst concrete ring by a mobile crane, in compliance with the requirements for passenger transport.

Der G-worklift von goracon


G-worklift from goracon – Works at the highest level

The explosive developing progress concerning technical equipment of buildings and arrangements, has contributed in last decades a lot to the reduction of the environmental impact, with at the same time rising comfort of utilisation. In parallel in addition the rising claims which refer to their servicing, care and maintenance arise steadily.

A factor which is dependent particularly in the undeveloped outskirt area on economic solutions in the height access technology.

Zur Hauptseite des G-climber

G-climber eco

Plug & Play….let’s go!

Once again it is goracon, setting the standard when it comes to pro tably servicing a wind turbine.

The G-climber eco minimizes your efforts for the time consuming ascends and descends that come with service works.

The advantages are obvious, the lightweight all-in-one mobile drive unit is…