G-smartrac accu

The battery-powered and self-elevating cable winch for material transport from the house of goracon!

The new G-smartrac accu material winch expands goracon G-smartrac product family, and opens up completely new application possibilities for material transportation through maximized flexibility and mobility.

No matter if there is no power connection available or if it is difficult to transport the winch to the anchorage point in lofty heights.

The G-smartrac accu is your solution!

  • Thanks to battery operation with Li-Ion batteries, no power connection (e.g. 230 V) is required

  • The winch pulls itself and the additionally suspended load upwards at the same time and no longer has to be carried to the attachment point

  • The traction sheave chamber can now be cleaned by the customer, the cover can be conveniently opened for this purpose

  • By opening the traction sheave chamber, a pre-assembled core mantle rope can be conveniently installed in a safe and fast manner

  • Switch easilly to the radio remote control at the control panel

  • Emergency lowering is possible via the brake release lever

Advantages of the G-smartrac accu at a glance:

  • Load capacity up to 300kg, utilizing a reaving kit up to 600kg possible

  • Constand lifting and lowering speed up to 15m/min, even with the full load of 300kg

  • Outstanding battery life, duty cycle up to 30 min by full load (300kg)

  • Removable and replaceable battery with charge level indicator

  • Operation via intuitive control panel on the unit, via pendant control or via Radio remote control with 200m range

  • With the Pendulum lift (Alternating load lift possible) you achieve a cost reduction of 50% with every lift! The pendulum lift eliminates empty runs and is therefore always ready for operation quickly.

  • Compatible with all accessories of the G-smartrac product group

* Recommended storage temperature +5° C to +40° C.
Subject to technical changes, changes in the product range without prior notice. No liability for errors or printing errors with regard to product illustrations and product descriptions. Our general terms and conditions apply.

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Features G-smartrac accu:

  • 1 - Carrying handle

  • 2 - Anchor point

  • 3 - Rotable anchor point

  • 4 - Traction sheave cover

  • 5 - Intuitive control panel

  • 6 - Battery compartment cover

  • 7 - Lateral fixation point

  • 8 - Emergency loweing function

  • 9 - Multifunctional LED display

Areas of application and industries:

Wind energy

  • Assembly and mounting
  • Maintenance
  • Modernisation

Overhead line construction

  • Assembly and mounting
  • Maintenance

Lift construction

  • Shaft assembly
  • Lift modernisation

On every construction site e.g.

  • Facade assembly
  • Railing assembly
  • Balcony assembly


  • Material handling on inaccessible terrain

Optional accessories for the G-smartrac accu cable winch can be found here on the G-smartrac page.