Solutions for Scaffold-free lift installation

Der G-liftup für die gerüstlose Aufzugsmontage

The traction sheave hoist G-trac admitted for the personal transport the costly scaffolding of a lift shaft is to be eliminated suitably. The lifting gear technology on the cabin roof is installed by tailor-made adaptation, so that this can be used as a working platform.

About an upper and lower pulley the resigning traction rope is led without ground touch and is free of soiling. As a safety barrier serves as a rule security brake belonging to lift. Security facilities like final disconnection, Overlooking and a supervision whether rope to end is, guarantees a reliable and sure function.

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Scaffold-free lift installation solutions G-liftup from goracon saves time and money.

We provide mobilty during the installation phase until a drive for your lift has been installed.

  • Main component is reliable and proven G-trac traction hoist technology.
  • Payloads up to 1000 kg.
  • Plug & play – simply mount the on the cabin roof, and up you go.
  • Customized adaptation to your cabin roof
  • A controller with frequency inverter fulfills many of your needs.
  • Variable drive speed with 9 or 18 m/min or any other speed between 2 and 18 m/min – adaptable to your application needs.
  • You decide the lifting height – we will be happy to assist you.
montierter G-liftup am Fahrstuhl
G-trac 1000 für die Montage

goracon systemtechnik GmbH – matched to your needs.

  • Let us convince you by the quality of our products.
  • Our experience and know-how is your guarantee that everything works smoothly on your construction site.
  • Simply give our specialist a call. You will find a customized solution for your task – guaranteed!
  • Our services are customer-oriented.
  • The low wear and reliability of our products ensure smooth operations on your construction site.
  • Our service – you probably won’t need it. However, we must observe the legally required maintenance intervals.

We would be glad to assist you.

Fahrstuhl wird eingerichtet mit G-liftup

Montage am Adapter

Der G-liftup wird am Adapter montiert

Steuerung des G-liftup


Montieren der Steuerung

G-liftup Endschalter


Endschalter des G-Liftup

G-liftup Zuleitungsführung


Sicher geführtes Zuleitungskabel

Project-related variety – no contradiction for the standardised choice:

acessories G_liftup 2

acessories G-liftup 3

accessories G-liftup 4

G-trac 1000 for lift installation

Adaption to lift cabin

Schematic construction:

G-liftup Aufzugsbau