Individual work platforms for the tower construction of wind turbines.

G-platform GW-1410-2

The assembly platforms by goracon were specially developed for the assembly of concrete towers for wind energy plants.

In this case, the innovation lies in that the concrete towers are built from the inside. in the traditional assembly the concrete tower is scaffolded from outside and then refi tted part by part. Not only is this extremely time-consuming during the assembly, but also the set-up of these scaffolds binds precious time resources and tower crane capacities.

During the assembly of concrete segments with the G-platform , the platform is connected inside the fi rst concrete ring by a mobile crane, in compliance with the requirements for passenger transport.

If the following concrete tower segment is attached, the crane has already been positioned properly in order to elevate the G-platform to the next level. After lowering the crane gear, the G-platform is inserted and pulled to the next tower section. During the upward movement, the assembly operators must not leave the G-platfom.

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The model range GW-1410

G-platform GW-1410-0

GW-1410 Modul 0

G-platform GW-1410-1

GW-1410 Modul 1

G-platform GW-1410-2

GW-1410 Modul 2

G-platform GW-1410-3

GW-1410 Modul 3

Technical Data GW-1410

The fixation inside the concrete segment is carried out by springactuated hang-up crossbars of the G-platform adaptable to the respective diameter of the tower. the superior platform rotatable over 360º of the G-platform is additionally equipped with 4 to 6 telescopic bars as soon as the tower segments are conically reduced. This continuous rotation of the superior platform and the telescopic bars guarantees safe and easy work everywhere inside the concrete segments .

The model range GW-3000-1

G-platform GW-3000-0-1

GW-3000-1 Modul 0

G-platform GW-3000-0-2

GW-3000-1 Modul 1

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