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Der G-worklift von goracon

The explosive developing progress concerning technical equipment of buildings and arrangements, has contributed in last decades a lot to the reduction of the environmental impact, with at the same time rising comfort of utilisation. In parallel in addition the rising claims which refer to their servicing, care and maintenance arise steadily.

A factor which is dependent particularly in the undeveloped outskirt area on economic solutions in the height access technology. While the rational care of the facade stood already of here as a function of practical height access technologys, today are required on wide level height access technologys which can also enclose assembly works and services with the accordingly higher charges and big work platform lengths with. Hence, transportable arrangements from goracon were conceived for individual application situations, under inclusion of an easy and quick change of location.

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goracon height access technologys to be changed places of action

goracon height access technologys cover not only technologies for facades, but offer as comfortable solutions for masts, bridges, silos or power station kettles and even wind turbines. By means of endless rope technology the vertical lift always corresponds to the investment height and building height, with concurrent infinitely variable height setting. So always the optimum working position.

The system of the arrangements contains a module construction method which allows an economic transport, as well as a quick assembly. Besides, a form conformist on the building geometry and with it the most rational combination, can be used by the modular system, for every area of application, always.

Technical details for height access systems from goracon

In spite of individual operational areas which reach from wall coatings, cleansing works up to costly repair and servicing works a pullable up work platform exists of only four main elements.

  • The configureable and highly loadable platform in the lightweight construction which contains at the same time the protective railing
  • The supportframe which is available according to building circumstances in two different implementation
  • The hoist G-trac, with all control elements relevant for security
  • The safety brake G-lock


The whole construction fulfils under use of high-quality materials the best high-class standards and corresponds to EN in 1808 as well as the BGR 159 which encloses a CE certification with.

Double deck suspended platform with carrying beam

To enrich the platform system very polished in all areas from goracon with an other aspect, an efficient double deck system stands at possession. Every standard work platform can be extended thus with the second platform deck. The connection is produced about two-forehead-sided ladder-type frames. Entrance becomes the lower deck about a hatch in the upper deck and a ladder with back protection.

This practical equipment allows simultaneous work at two levels, in the same vertical field. With paint work this would mean, for example, a saving of time up to 50%. This variation of the olatform system offers similar advantages with the assembly of wide facade elements, solar protection facilities or similar one.

G-worklift als Hängebühnensystem

Roof jibs and parapet for the G-platform
To the anchorage of the carrying rope in buildings are used as a rule to roof jibs which must not be anchored, nevertheless, on the roof firmly. The roof jibs provided with transport roles work after sedately of the leverage. The long lever is with a counterbalance on the roof surface, while the short lever carries the stage. Lever length and load are dependent on each other and adjustable. Also different attic height were considered with the set possibilities.

An other connection possibility shows the parapet clamp. She exists of the sluggish element and the adjustable tongs part with infinitely variable adjustable jaws.

All roof jibs systems are made out of hot-dip galvanised steel pipe elements and extremely robust therefore and weatherproof. Of course also takes effect here with both systems, the CE-certification.

G-worklift elements

The G-worklift with C-Bracket

G-worklift mit C-Bügel

The C-bracket of the G-worklift are at the side adjustable to adapt to different suspensions in the slope stage system. Bigger lenths are to 18 m are easily possible with the G-worklift. Therefore you also have free access to the facade also at the stage end.

The maximum CE-inspected platform length is 18 m. The balcony with the C-Bracket suspension should be equally long on both sides and be assembled according to the following table.

G-worklift C-bracket configration table

The G-worklift with carrying beams

G-worklift mit Endtragebügel

The carrying beams are appropriated jewails at every end of the platform. The maximum platform length amounts, on this occasion, to 12 m. There is him 2 implementation. The G-worklift has an at most distributed load admission of 1150 kg (see table).

The table is based on the use of 2 hoists per platform. The load should be distributed über the length of the platform with a maximum surface load of 300 kg / m² (= 180 kg / lfm) evenly.

G-worklift carrying beams configuration table

Geländer des G_Worklift

Railing and single railing props
As a material light weatherproof aluminium pipe is used. The height is variable between 100 and 110 centimetres. All parts are puttable and without mounting tools.

Fassadenrollen des G-worklift

Distance retainer
The soft layer of the rollers prevents damages in the facade and protects the desired distance of the platform to the wall. Adjustability exists along the baseboard and by means of telescope pole, in addition, in two axes.

Plattformelemente des G-worklift

Cross Beams
The platform exists of a light aluminium construction and offers the highest security by a self-retaining connection-pin-system.

Bodenbelag des G-worklift

The floor covering is permeable water and dirt as well as usable on both sides by which a longer life expectancy is reached.

C-Bügel des G-worklift

For a trouble-free transport an especially innovative construction was chosen in the lightweight construction which is divisible, besides, in individual parts. C-Brackets are at the side adjustable for the better weight distribution and permit thus stage lengths up to 18 metres.

Endtragebügel des G-worklift

Endguardrail and carrying beam
Carrying Beam exist of steel. As an endguardrail they form at the ends of the platform at the same time the front end of the railing.

Endgeländer des G-worklift

Endguardrail (necessary if C-brackets are used)
Here light aluminium is used again. Final railings own integrated baseboards and are easy to mount.

Ecksektion des G-worklift

Fixed corner-sections
With four corner masses passed away they are the determining element for bent platforms. They own integrated railings and are mounted with connecting pins in cross beams.