G-trac G-lock

G-trac / G-lock

The personnel and material transport hoists with the fall attest device.

G-trac, the impulse technology für all kinds of work-platforms. For the worldwide working develops. The most different norms in the different markets make many-sided demands.

The G-trac is able to do all that.

G-lock protects as a security equipment against malfunctionings of the hoist or break of the rope. With an integrated centrifugal force mechanism he reacts to a defined “speed limit”, directly measured in the running through security rope and intercepts them with an interference certainly and subdued.

G-liftup for scaffold-free lift installations


Solutions for scaffold-free lift installation

The traction sheave hoist G-trac admitted for the personal transport the costly scaffolding of a lift shaft is to be eliminated suitably. The lifting gear technology on the cabin roof is installed by tailor-made adaptation, so that this can be used as a working platform.

About an upper and lower pulley the resigning traction rope is led without ground touch and is free of soiling. As a safety barrier serves as a rule security brake belonging to lift. Security facilities like final disconnection, Overlooking and a supervision whether rope to end is, guarantees a reliable and sure function.

Die Seildurchlaufwinde Smartrac® von Goracon


material rope traction hoist with electric motor for material transport.

Mobile motorized traction sheve hoist for any lifting height, flexible and economic assembly and installation work. Simple operation for working safely at heights. G-smartrac is a material rope traction hoist which drives a sheathed rope without rolling it up. This means any height can be reached.

Electronic motor protection prevents overloaded lifting operations, giving your hoist long lasting service life with low wear. Please contact us for further information or technical details!