G-trac / G-lock

The personnel and material transport hoists with the fall attest device.

G-trac G-lock

G-trac, the impulse technology für all kinds of work-platforms. For the worldwide working develops. The most different norms in the different markets make many-sided demands.

The G-trac is able to do all that.

G-lock protects as a security equipment against malfunctionings of the hoist or break of the rope. With an integrated centrifugal force mechanism he reacts to a defined “speed limit”, directly measured in the running through security rope and intercepts them with an interference certainly and subdued.

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The G-trac in Detail

Details of the G-trac

The G-lock in Detail

Details of the G-lock

G-lock … the fall arrest device from goracon – unique worldwide.

Utmost feeling of safety with payloads of 400 up to 1000 kg and rope speeds up to 24 m/min.

G-lock serves as a protective safety device in case of drive gear failure or rope break. The integral centrifugal system reacts to a defined “speed limit”, which is measured directly on the safety rope passing through. An integral shock absorber system reduces the fall arrest loads to a minimum.

G-lock detail

G-trac G-lock with tilt control

G-trac G-lock with tilt control 2