As part of a globally operating supply chain goracon is facing most different challenges in different markets every day.

We demand ourselves not only to master those challenges but to bring products and services to our customers that provide the plus in safety and productivity and in this way contributes to the global energy revolution.

To be better than expected for our customers in doing so, it needs highly skilled, well—trained and experienced professionals who are highly committed and who master the varied and steadily growing challenges. We are proud to have won reliable partners who share our point of view, our passion and our professionalism.

An open company culture with a flat hierarchy and nonbiased communication is the key to a product that is always the crucial step ahead. A product that is trusted without any ifs and buts by customers all over the world every day.


As part of a young, dynamic industry that is steadily moving internationally, goracon must be fit for changing tasks, markets and technical challenges. Right from the beginning innovation was the key to master these challenges.

From new ways in the production process, unique testing methods for making our products safer every day, to unique technical details in our products and even to completely new product categories, small innovation as well as disruptive innovation is to be found everywhere in goracon. Innovation is in our DNA.


Quality means more to goracon than simply fulfill the given product requirements.

From the beginning goracon was committed to a wholistic quality idea. From the management offices to the workbench, every professional in goracon contributes to product and service quality as well as the quality in company-internal processes. Regular trainings, internal and external audits help us to stay focussed on quality to benefit the good ideas of every single employee at goracon.

The regular cooperation with external auditors is as important to us as the type approval of new products by third party experts.

Wherever possible goracon secures the product quality of components during the production process as well as the quality of the final product before shipment by semi- or fully automated tests, detailed documentation, and traceable batch information in each product.