We stand by our plants!

Service - G-warranty

We are pleased to assure our customers of this self-image, which arises from the highest in-house quality requirements. We have such absolute confidence in the performance of our systems we double the warranty period for systems with a maintenance contract.

Suggestions, Critics, Complaints

Our experts are also immediately available with quickly, uncomplicated and competent help should your goracon product ever not function as required despite extensive goracon quality checks. Regardless whether a fault needs repairing, a detailed query needs urgently answering or support is needed for a different reason: At goracon, the right specialist is always available and complaints will always be treated with priority. goracon will always restore the target condition of the system first and ask for reasons afterwards. Every failure will be analysed immediately according to the goracon quality philosophy and appropriate in-house measures will be instigated to avoid the malfunction recurring in future.



goracon original Spareparts

Safety plays an especially important role in the area of the height access technology for wind energy. Only the best quality of spare and wear parts can permanently ensure the safety of your employees and the full functionality of your systems.

We know about our customers’ stringent requirements from long-term experience and continuously subject our spare and wear parts to extensive quality checks.An optimised supply chain and widespread partner network help us realising to not only realise the highest quality but also the shortest delivery times at competitive prices for our customers.

And if even the shortest delivery times leave no room for manoeuvre because of the threat of enormous stoppage costs in case of a system defect, we are pleased to be able to support you with advice and develop a tailor-made spare parts storage concept together with you to provide the correct quantity of parts in case of breakdown without unnecessary capital commitment.

We will set up an individual concept together with you which encompasses all identical parts within the system and also takes into account the probability of a breakdown, ensuring an optimum cost-benefit ratio.

Maintenance, Inspection, Repair

Decreasing availability and increasing repair costs of aging plants – this is not necessary!

You always have the option of entering into a maintenance contract with goracon when purchasing a goracon system. Apart from higher guarantees for your investment, further benefits include regular maintenance, longer service life, minimised repair costs, higher availability and above all constantly high safety for your staff. Faults can be detected and repaired early before a time-consuming and cost-intensive breakdown occurs.

We also provide a comprehensive and chronological documentation of the machine status.

With a goracon maintenance contract, the life-cycle costs for your system are calculable and permanently low.  

Instruction, Training

Only instructed and trained personnel can safely operate your systems, use them appropriately, detect and remedy sources of danger, act correctly in emergency situations and instigate suitable measures in case of failures or defects.

Goracon training gives your personnel all the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge for safe and proper handling of your goracon products. Standardised training modules ensure constantly high training quality and also flexibility.  

The trainer can therefore deal with previously co-ordinated specific requirements or the spontaneously occurring individual needs of trainees. For us, a coordinated balance between theory and practice is just as much the key to successful training as the constantly relevant relationship to everyday working life and the clearly designed training media given to the participants.

The central goal of training for goracon products is always to generate strong safety awareness in the participants when handling goracon height access technology.