tower assembly platforms

G-platform® GW-1410

goracon is the world market leader in the manufacturing of assembly platforms for concrete towers for wind energy plants.

More and more wind turbine manufacturers count on concrete and hybrid towers to challenges that come with higher hub heights. The erection of these tower with highly specialized assembly processes requires perfectly suitable equipment that makes the hard work up in the heights safer and faster by its robustness and customized design.

Many years of pioneer work in this area brought experiences to goracon that will help us to be the perfect partner for your concrete tower project.

Proven in the assembly of ten thousands of towers over a decade, goracon is not only providing the G-platform® but also a worldwide service concept over all continents and over the entire product lifetime. We are proud that every unit we’ve sold in a decade now is still on duty, making wind power more cost effective, pushing innovation and flexibility of our worldwide customers.

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Augsburg, Germany


Advantages of the G-platform GW-1410

  • Easy assembly preparation.
  • Rapid availability.
  • Saving of crane capacities.
  • Time saving because there is no need for a timeconsuming set-up and refitting of the towers from the outside.
  • Easy transport thanks to modular structure.
  • Working inside the tower allows protection from the wind.
  • All working positions can be easily reached.
  • Rapid and efficient work of the assembly team.

G-Platform - MODULES

G-platform®: This is an overview of TYPES Module 0 - 3 : For all four types we have defined the technical data in a graph . In this way you can get a good overview and compare the types . Please click here .

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