tower assembly platform

G-platform® GW-400

The assembly platforms by goracon were specially developed for the assembly of concrete towers for wind energy plants.

In this case, the innovation lies in that the concrete towers are built from the inside. In the traditional assembly the concrete tower is scaffolded from outside and then refitted part by part. Not only is this extremely time-consuming during the assembly, but also the set-up of these scaffolds binds precious time resources and tower crane capacities.
Vorteile beim Einsatz der G-platform®

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Augsburg, Germany


Advantages of the G-platform GW-400

Platform GW-400
  • Easy assembly preparation.
  • Rapid availability.
  • Saving of crane capacities.
  • Time saving because there is no need for a timeconsuming set-up and refitting of the towers from the outside.
  • Easy transport thanks to modular structure.
  • Working inside the tower allows protection from the wind.
  • All working positions can be easily reached.
  • Rapid and efficient work of the assembly team.

Technical data of G-platform® GW-400.