Hoist system


Reliability, thousandfold proven in the hardest conditions characterizes this product line.

Resistance to excessive heat, frost, dirt, vibration, offshore conditions and a maximum duty cycle, only the best quality - made in Germany -  can fulfill what our customers expect from a G-trac®. A high life time with minimum maintenance efforts, something only G-trac® can provide. Robustness paired with a rope-preserving drive technology does not only break records in minimizing the own wear but also goes easy on your ropes.

Our current G-trac® generation is certified for the worldwide most important markets and is successfully used on all continents.

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Advantages of the hoist system G-trac®

Our current G-trac generation is certified for the worldwide most important markets and is successfully used on all continents.

11 m/min in the US, 22 m/min in Canada or South Korea, 18 m/min in Europe for fix installed devices or 9 m/min for temporary devices, with a force of 400 kg up to 1000 kg, with the G-trac®, no job is to heavy.

In case your G-trac® is due for maintenance, or needs to be repaired, a team of reliable service technicians is at your side to guarantee the best service you can get. We are available if you need us quick, reliable and to fair conditions.

Where ist the G-trac® used?

G-trac® is used on working platforms, facade maintenance units and other personnel lifting equipment and ascends and descends on a steel cable suspended on a building – including the tallest structures in the world.

G-trac® is used wherever especially long cables are required, for example in overhead line construction. Customers rely on G-trac® when they need compact winches with a low net weight combined with heavy working loads.

G-trac® is used in lift, antenna, facade and overhead line construction, in scaffolding, building and civil engineering, in cable railway and steel construction, for corrosion protection purposes, in the petrochemical industry, in power stations and in the wind energy sector.

G-lock® fall arresting device of goracon - worldwide unique!

Every G-trac® for the passenger transport is coming with a G-lock® fall arresting device which is a safety brake at a secondary rope.

The G-lock® is not just one safety brake, it is the best of its class, jam packed with innovation it is the gold standard in safety, usability, variability. So, every G-lock® is equipped with an electric status monitoring that allows to transfer information to the service lift control.

A unique, patented shock absorber reduces the shock load in case of triggering and conserves users health and the ropes and material.  The proper function can be checked at any time by a view through the function window to the heart of the G-lock®.


Added safety – fall arrest interlocking

This mechanism is only activated if the drive cable breaks, preventing unintended unlocking under maximum load. The system status can be checked through the inspection glass. Combined with electronic clamp detection, the drop is immediately and automatically halted.