Hoist System


G-smartrac material rope traction hoist with electric motor for material transport.

The "little one" has a big effect!

How it works:
Mobile motorized rope hoist with adjustable lifting height for flexible and economic assembly use. Simple operation for working safely on high. is a material rope traction hoist which drives a sheathed rope without rolling it up. This means any height can be reached. Electronic motor protection prevents lift operations frombeing overloaded, giving your hoist a long service life without wear.

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G-smartrac® 150 vario

... now even more safe and effective!

With goracon’s  G-smartrac vario you can pull up loads way easier and more efficient. Thanks to its optimized control the G-smartrac vario enables you to move loads with variable speeds. A lower speed makes it easier to control the loads for careful lifting and setting and especially for passing obstacles. The high-speed mode is for a fast gettingover long distances. And all of this you can also have with the optional radio remote control.

  • Soft accelerating and breaking phase
  • 2 speeds for pulling up and letting down
  • Radio Remote control with high range

How to use the G-smartrac hoist?

Use of G-smartrac® near the ground by functional Applications.

Hoisting of tools and ropes in lift or scaffolding construction.

Quick installation of supporting, guiding -and- safety ropes at working platforms and blade access platforms.

g-smartrac an Auffahrrampe
g-smartrac in Verwendung an Anhängerkupplung
g-smartrac Kiste

G-smartrac® 300 vario

G-smartrac 300 vario ... now even higher payload!

With the G-smartrac 300 vario you now move still higher loads. The optimized control of the G-smartrac vario remains.

  • The handle can be safely and easily handled with two hands at the same time it serves as a protection of the motor unit against external damage.
  • Housing of the control unit protects against external damage, but still offers a clear view of the operating hours counter and the overload indicator.

Your Benefits compared withsimilar hoisting gear:

  • The G-smartrac pendulum hoist (pendular load lift in both directions possible) allows you to achieve 50% cost reductions!
  • The pendulum hoist rules out unloaded operations and is ready to go in no time.
  • At 22/32 kg, the G-smartrac is a lightweight!
  • With a top speed of 30 m/min or 17m/min exceeded by none, the G-smartrac is the number one!
  • With 120  / 150 / 300 kg load capacity, the G-smartrac is a Hercules of its class!
  • As the G-smartrac operates with 230 V alternating current, it can be used anywhere!
  • Flexible and light sheathed ropes made of synthetic fibers (available in all lengths)
  • Quickly available with safety hook
  • Simple one-hand operation using pendulum control or radio remote control
  • Very easy preparation of rope tip on the building site
  • Height restriction in both directions using stop button
  • Low-maintenance! The brandnew G-smartrac vario….variable and flexible!