Whether facades, towers, chimneys or masts, silos, power station boilers, bridges or wind turbines, with G-work lift you reach your workplace comfortable.

With the G-worklift® the reachable heights are unlimited
You go to your workplace always as high as it is most convenient for you
Easy to transport because a modular system
Fast assembly and disassembly without special tools due to modular plug-in system

Whatever you do, ... ... whether mount, repair, maintain, clean, plastering or paint, make yourself comfortable!

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The suspended working platform system for various applications consists of three main elements:

Platform, supporting frame, G-rtac® hoist and safety G-lock® brake. The modular suspended platform system is versatile applicable with projects where scaffolding is insufficient or simply uneconomical.

Thanks to the variety of applications of the G-worklift®, complex structures can also be accessed. The various system modules can be used to assemble many standard and special platform configurations. The standard platform configurations are CE certified.

  • Best quality of design and materials
  • With the the accessible heights are unlimited
  • Flexibility due to many standard and special platform configurations
  • Simple transportation thanks to the modular system
  • provides high load capacity through low net weight.
  • Quick assembly and disassembly without the need for special tools
  • Certified according to EN 1802 as well as BGR 159 and CE.

Our products have one thing in common, despite the great diversity:
Quality, safety and value for the structure are at the forefront of our development.
We integrate our best "developer" our client itself - within our developmental proccess.

Renewable energy means energy from sustainable sources, the environment, in order to use it for further growth. With our products we contribute to this by helping to develope an inovative technology and thus preserve resources. 


Application on the rotor blade

Nowadays, the repair and maintenance of rotor blades is certainly an essential part of the maintenance concept of a wind power station.

Application on the tower

Safe ascend the tower for inspection, cleaning and repair

Double deck suspended platform

By using the double deck system, the standard modular working platform can be extended to a double deck platform. This allows working simultaneously on different levels.