G-servicelift® by goracon


The times are over when service technicians were climbing wind turbine towers without auxiliary support. Steadily increasing tower heights and the demand for decreasing down time request technical solutions. G-servicelift® by goracon for the international wind industry, rope-guided and ladder-guided, in standard configuration or customized always give the extra in design lifetime, reliability and safety.

Driven by the powerful G-trac® you can be sure that the duty cycle is sufficient for any tower height. Secondarily secured by the G-lock®, the best fall arresting device in the market, service technicians will have a safer and less time-consuming lift to their very elevated working places. During the ride up, the built-in windows will allow a panorama view to the passed tower internals that allows a first inspection and the sophisticated safety concept prepares users to all eventualities.

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Planning and Maintaninace of a G-servicelifts

The wholistic design of a G-servicelift® is a complex project that needs to consider most different parameters like tower geometry, local norms and regulations, customer’s corporate safety concepts and given budgets.

Once customized for your tower, the G-servicelift® with goracon-own drive technology is already certified for your target market or can be certified in a short project.

Our experienced, well-trained and certified local service partners are ready to perform due maintenances and necessary repairs. Alternatively our G-school training concept allows to transfer the necessary knowledge and skills at a high quality to your own service technicians in order to perform regular works with your own team.




Servicelift - TYPES

G-servicelift®: This is an overview of the four TYPES A-B-C and D: For all four types we have defined the technical data in a graph. In this way you can get a good overview and compare the types. Please click here .

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